Navision 2013r2 with AD Groups

Does Navision 2013r2 work with AD Groups? I’ve seen multiple different answers to this question while googling it, and would like to know if anyone can answer it.

Seems to me that adding AD Groups to the navision application doesn’t work correctly. I can add them, however the permissions that are assigned to the groups do not effect the users that are a part of the group with in Active Directory.

I’ve read that the security model has to be changed from enhanced to standard in older versions of nav, but I don’t see this option in 2013r2. I have tired to put it in single user mode just to see if the option to change the security model would become available… but no luck.

I’m hoping someone can tell me if AD Groups work in Nav 2013 r2, and if it does is there a setting that you have change to make it work correctly?

Thanks for your help, hopefully this is clear… very new to NAV