Navision 2013 Technical PDF REQUIRED

Hi all

Please send the PDF Document for navision 2013 r2 technical for Practice (Steps by Steps) and learning…

Which PDF document??

Technical development Navision 2013 r2 PDF for Learing/Practice Purpose in free time on repots/pages/xmlports with proper example steps by steps


Ok. There is no such thing from Microsoft.

But if you go to a book store or

then you can find a ton of them.

Otherwise there is also a lot of videos for selflearning NAV on youtube.

ok lets us see

Thanks. Erik

I can sell you all the books you require with the fraction of price i paid for them like 80% off.

Hi Henri
Which books for how much?
Please i need it badly

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook price on amazon $32.99 i will sell it $10…/
Packt - Getting Started With Dynamics Nav 2013 Application Development 2013 I got it $30.99 sell it $10
N.B.:I will give Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for free

ok i will take it! email me how i will pay you and books delivered