Navision 2013 Report


my company Requirement is one report item ledger entry post then run filter document no. Item A,B Qty10,20 report run Item A 10 page And Item B 20 Page Page Breakup with Qty Please Suggest best solution i have Map Report Item Wise but not map item qty wise Please Help



Can you please explain your problem?

Actually One Report with Page Loop Run Qty Wise

ILE Document No. 10000

Item A Qty 2

Item B Qty 4

Then Run Report Filter Document No. 10000

Item A 2Page Run

Item B 4 Page Run

Hi Vicky

Do you Got Your Report …If you want a only one Document No then Design a Request Page So that only Particular Document No is Filtered.

If You want all Document No then Group your Report With Document No So That It

First Document No will Printed then followed all Items And Then Next Document No… Respectively…

If You Need Any Help Let Me Know[:D]