Navision 2013 Excel Import Export Wizard

Dear All,

There are a lot of beautiful and useful Excel Import and Export tools for Navision from 2.7 to 2009 R2 such as Universal Excel Importer v1.2, SMART Excel Import Export, Universal Excel/Notepad Importer & Exporter.

However, there are limited Navision 20013 tools that support only for non-Unicode characters Text or XML files. Although Navision 2013 today supports paste data rows from Excel directly, it is suitable for small tables with some columns only.

Actually, Navision 2013 has powerful build-in Data Migration tool to exchange Unicode data with Excel. To make it simple as predecessors with 4 or 5 steps to import data from Excel sheet to Navision table, we have developed a wizard on top of standard Data Migration tool and called it “Excel Import Export Wizard”.

Through “Excel Import Export Wizard”, you can:

  1. Export tables data to Excel:

1.1 Select tables to be exported.

1.2 Choose needed fields to be exported.

1.3 Filter needed records to be exported.

  1. Import Excel Sheet data to table repeatedly:

2.1 Select Excel Sheet to be imported.

2.2 Excel Sheet Template checking.

2.3 Validate needed fields separately.

2.4 Review data before apply to table data.

You can find tools at our Skydrive link!107

It would be very grateful for your feedback. Hope you enjoy!

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Thank you!

I guess you have already posted this in mibuso… one among my favourite tool… this is great.

thank you so much.


Yes, thank you very much!

Please use the latest version at my Skydrive link! It is enhanced:

  1. Show error records after applied correct records.

  2. Keep same Worksheet Selection after importing. It can help you know that Worksheet was imported.

Hi Anil,

Please remember to active service for your User ID in User Setup page after importing objects!

All tools are available for 01 user.