Navision 2009 - Windows 7 users getting disconnected with TCP error

Hello All,

I’m an IT Consultant and one of our client’s Windows 7 users are getting disconnected from Navision.

Here’s the background:

  • The AD Server is Windows 2003, we added a 2008 server and DCPROMO’ed it over the weekend. No errors.
  • Completed forest and domain prep without error.
  • Added a Windows 7 64 bit laptop and install Navision on it. Again no errors
  • NOTE: the db guy told us after the fact that 64 bit is not supported?
  • After the upgrade, there were many Windows XP computers connected without any specific issues.
  • The 64 bit user was one of the first users to connect on Monday morning and he was able to connect but started getting TCP timeout error.
  • As other Windows 7 (all of them 32 bit) started connecting, they started to run into problems too. Same disconnect issues.
  • During this time, the XP clients have been working fine.

A few notables:

  • I disabled DNS on the newly added server and updated DHCP to remove it as the backup DNS server (no change)
  • I uninstalled Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection from both of the AD/DNS servers. (no change)
  • Rebooted all servers and looked for any new errors. (none are found)

I have a call into MS Support and am waiting for a call back but would like to get this resolved sooner than later.

Any input would be much appreciated.



Just to provide additional info (I am one of the effected end users)… we are running NAV 2009 Classic. The message that the Windows 7 users are getting is “MS Dynamics NAV Classis Client executable is not responding”. It whites out, says “not responding” on the top of the screen and if you X out, it then come up with the TCP/IP connection. A couple XP users have experience a loss of TCP/IP connection immediately following a lock up on a Windows 7 machine so it appears to affect network traffic. We can work a little then get locked up at different places. It happens very frequently especially in sales order entry and inventory management (high record usage).

Update - This has been resolved.

The network type was changed from TCPS to TCP on the server and the workstations.