Navision 2009 SP1 Permissions

I am having problems with a user permissions. We are using standard security. The Role permissions in NAV does not let a user see the item card, although one particular user IS able to see the item card. I have tested with a few other accounts and the test account act as expedited hiding the item card, and other permissions. Is there a way to bug test this? I have deleted the user out of NAV and then re-added the user, and assigned the permissions and it still seems that this one user is pulling additional permissions.

Sounds strange.
Perhaps you allready tried all this, but here are a few hints:

You say "…see the item card*" - is the item card not there (not visible/accessible), or does the user get an error message like “You are not permitted…”?

*In standard NAV (2009) there is a role called ALL (or something like that, depending on language).
This role permits Form (and Page) =0 which means “no limit”.
But a form/page shows a record; is the user allowed to read the item-table, table 27?

*I guess you know, but - role SUPER overrules all other roles.

*That Item Card - is it by any chance modified?

*If using SQL-database - have you tried to synchronize users?

When applying the same roles to the user they are able to see (just as one example) the item card and access the item card. in the roles the item table (27) is not available or accessible. Super is not applied , The item card is modified but i think that there is something not synchronized. My only option since using standard security is “sync all users”. In the past when using enhanced security syncing all users would hang the system and it seemed that it would cause problems so we would sync individual accounts. how on the SQL side can i sync the single user? I have also thought about deleting the user out of NAV, delete the user out of SQL, delete the user out of SQL database and then re-add the user. But i am hesitant to do this and mess something else with the account up.

My guess is that this user has permission to some object the others don´t. And that this object itself has permission to read the item table. As an example, table 18 - Customer has permission to read table 21 - Cust. Ledger Entry.

mm i dont believe so, i use the same role’s for this user as other users. The other users and my test account act as expedited with the permissions inside the roles .

Another longshot probably, but is this user member of a group in Active Directory with other permissions?