Navision 2009 R2


I have just started using Navision 2009 R2 and have a couple of questions about it…

My first one would be that when I create a mfg part and have 2 purchased components that make up it’s BOM. Lets say one purchase component is $5 and the other is $10. when i roll the mfg part, I get $15, which is great. But then if i change one of the purchase components from $10 to $60 on that particular item card and then roll up the mfg cost, it says $65 dollars on the item card, which is great. My problem is that on the Production BOM for the mfg part, the components stay at $5 and $10 and doesn’t show the change that happened to one of the purchased parts. Do you have any thoughts on how I can get the Production Bom to change? Thank you so much!

And can cost be rolled one part at a time?