Navision 2009 : Importing or Migrating Users

Hello everyone,

We have Nav 2009 installed (with MS SQL backend) in a test environment. I have set up a number of windows users via the C/Side client and have thus far had to input their names manually.

We will be moving into a QA domain soon where we will be getting end users to test the system, this will involve adding approx 200 windows users into Nav and then Syncronizing the logins. I really don’t want to have to do this manually via the client…because eventually it will be rolled out to the business which has 500+ users.

Is there a way of importing a user-list into nav 2009 and then syncronizing the logins?

Can roles/companies for those users also be imported?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t think that importing user id’s will work. First you will need to create the users in SQL Server Management Studio and add them in NAV.

Thanks for your prompt response Raj,

Hmmm, not sure if that is going to speed things up at all…if i still have to go into Nav to add the users I may as well add them via the windows logins interface.

There must be a way of importing multiple users somehow, given the size of some of the company’s which use Nav I can’t imagine they all had to manually add each and every employee to the windows logins.

Or, am I approaching this the wrong way? Any more suggestions?



Role assingnment - from where you suppose to import that? Anyway these must be somehow prepared, why not directly in Navision?

You seemingly have local Admins in remote offices, then the job is distributed among them, each is responsive for his domain, HQ Admins simply can’t know all the people on the other side of globe…

Users and roles can be imported. You can write a dataport and load the data. As for syncing, make sure you are on standard security model.

Raj, I disagree with you on not importing users. You can import them into NAV. Database users requires an extra step, and you can write a sql query to create them in sql, but windows users can be imported through a dataport and then synced. NAV creates the windows users on sql.

Thanks Modris,

Not really very helpful though, and you have instantly presumed that we have admins in other jurisdictions…that is not the case. We are a centrally managed organisation, our jurisdictions are served via citrix clients so there is no onsite admin support. All of our services, IT and otherwise, are base centrally.

I have worked on many products where you can run scripts to import users/roles…i was merely wondering if this is possible with Nav…in my mind it should be.

Thanks for your time.


Thanks Rasheed, just the sort of answer I was looking for. I’m guessing assigning companies/roles is a bit more complex? Our system is being configured by consultants, are these dataports something which are easy to create - is there any information on them? (im not asking anyone to do the work for us, i just need some background to go back to the consultants with).

Thanks again.


Thanks Rashed,

I was not aware of

thanks DUG, a great place to learn.

Writing the dataport is very easy. A consultant can write the dataport without any programming. The table he needs to populate are.


Member Of

User Role


Windows Login

Windows Access Control

user and member Of table are for database users, and you can skip those tables.

In User Role and Permission table fillter on Role <> Super.