Navision 2009 calendar for date entry opens up and closes immediately

Navision 2009 R2 [version US Dynamics Nav 6.0 R2] (on Citrix client) user has a problem on which every time selection of the “Posted Date” [ or Due Date ] column is selected to bring up the calendar for date entry, it opens up and closes immediately. A date can be entered by typing the date in the correct format although. The system is a DELL Windows 7 Pro SP1 desktop, up to date on all recommended updates (even MS KB2830477). This only happens on this particular workstation. Other workstations (desktop or laptops) with the same NAV credentials do not have this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.


I assume that you have also tested that using a different NAV user on the workstation giving the problem, also creates this problem?

And is it the classic client or RTC?


We have tested this scenario with different Windows OS users and NAV users on the same machine. Behavior is the same. Role Tailored Client is used. Thanks for your feedback.

Have you also tried when using the latest build of NAV 2009 R2?

We only have the client side. No control of the NAV 2009 R2 server (or its updates). Furthermore, this issue only happens to one machine. Our current recourse is to reinstall the Windows 7 Pro OS on the machine (start from scratch). Thanks for the feedback.