Navision 2.65 withevents trigger

In Navision 2.65 you can set withevent to TRUE on automation and OCX variables. This then enables Navision to respond to events triggered from these objects. From what I understand to use this you must create an istance of the variable in the codeunit where the variable is defined but do you have to keep the codeunit running with a Sleep etc or will it wake up when an event occurs. I have a great XML parser for navision and I would like to run it in async mode instead of in sync.

I’ve not tested this, but generally, in order to receive events from an object, you must have an reference to an instance of that object. This would require that the code unit be running so that the variable could be instantiated. Perhaps one way to run this would be with the application server? Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater http://drilldot. Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 2001 Jun 13 16:11:01