Navision 2.60 and Attain 3.10 on one server

Hi! I have windows 2000 on my server installed. I was there since some time running navision 2.60 server succesfully. I heard that it is possible that I can run 2 different navision versions on one server. So I installed on my server also Navision Attain 3.10 a. My problem is that Navision Attain 3.10 a will not run when I go to a client computer an start there Attain 3.10. I want to run all two navision services on my server at the same time. I made also the following settings on my windows 2000 server and my clients (windows 2000 and windows xp). In the hosts file on server and clients I made the following settings: navi260 navi310 In the services file on server and clients I made the following settings: NAVI260 2407/tcp NAVI310 2412/tcp but when I start my Attain 3.10 client on a client computer I get TCP error. As servername I took navi310. A ping to the server from my client is running. It is also possible to start the Attain 3.10 Client on my windows 2000 server with the navision services. When I start only the navision 2.60 service on my server I can work with my navision clients on the computers. Who has an idea what here is wrong? Can somebody give me a good idea? Thanks

Hi, make sure you start 260 and 310 with two different zup-files. eg. c:\path_to_260\fin.exe id=c:\zuppath\navi260.zup and c:\path_to_310\fin.exe id=c:\zuppath\navi310.zup Hope that helps. Regards Walter

Hi Rebernik, Did you checked documentation related to running more than one Navision Server on same server? If not, do go through same as it gives you good idea on how to Install and Troubleshoot. 1.In the Hosts file on your client(s) try giving Service Name ‘navi260’,‘navi310’ in CAPS. 2. Check if any Port conflicts are there on Server? 3. Before troublshooting from clients,try to connect to both Servers at same time from the Server machine. Ideally start with one server and one client at same time and then the other. 4. You didn’t mention the error you are getting(ERRORCONFUSED/TCP/IP etc.) 5. Remember, when you are pinging navi260,navi310, you are trying to connect to the Service on Server and not machine. 6. You machine name(navi360) may be a problem? 7. Confirm if you are using TCI/IP and not NETB? as your Server Commn. Protocol. Hope above guidance would be useful in solving your problem. Regards

with 2.60 client open server name with for 3.10 client open server name with