Navision 2.6 & Microsoft Message Queuing

Hello All, I’m about to embark on a project to integrate data into Navision 2.6D from many different data sources. Upgrading to Attain is out of the question. Due to sister companies doted around the country I would like to use MSMQ (Microsoft Message queuing) for the transport of data to the Navision Server. Can this be done? If so:- What is the best way to integrate to MSMQ? Is this via Automation direct from Navision or via a program that sits between Navision and MSMQ. Or should I stick to tried and tested method of text files, time triggers, and data ports. Regards Graham.

This is possible using Navision. I got some errors when using the MSMQ automation in Navision so instead i wrote an OCX in Visual Basic 6. You then have to register the OCX in navision and assign a variable of it in your C/AL code. You can then see all the methods which you defined inside the OCX. In my examole, the MSMQ just sits there now receiving XML documents from one system, doing what it needs to with the XML document and then sending an XML document as a reply. I do not see any reason why you could not employ MSMQ to integrate the “sister companies dotted around the country.” I haven’t worked in Navision for a while but would suggest finding some material on the Navision Application Server and using this with MSMQ. I think i still have VB code for the actual MSMQ bit on a CD somewhere. Using an MSMQ approach may not necessarily be the correct way to go about your task. I’m sure there are better ways but i can’t actually give you any suggestions at the moment. Kind regards Adrian [:)]

Graham, I do not know why an upgrade is out of the question. But even if you do not upgrade everything I would suggest upgrading just the executables to Attain 3.10 or 3.60. I just think it is a lot better using their tools where you get also support rather than reinventing the wheel. Cristi

Hello Adrian Thank you for answering my query so fully. I thought it was too good to be true to communicate directly from Navision to MSMQ. I was thinking on the lines of using a VB.NET COM Component communicating using Automation. I found a great XML example from Paul Baxter Finding the right variables was a bit tricky so here they are for thoses that want it:- Name…DataType…Subtype. xmltable…Record…xmltable xmldoc…Automation…‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.DOMDocument XMLNodelist…Automation…‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.IXMLDOMNodeList XMLNode…Automation…‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.IXMLDOMNode XMLNodeChildlist…Automation…‘Microsoft XML, v3.0’.IXMLDOMNodeList counter Integer Regards Graham

Graham, No problem. You should be able to use COM if that is your preferred route. Your task sounds like you are doing some sort of OLTP or data warehousing task. Good luck Adrian [:)]