navision 2.06 c/odbc and VB

We formally used navision 2.01. I wrote a program in VB 6.0 to get data via the c/odbc and then process it in VB With the navision 2.01 it worked, but now i get a missing argument withe the following lines: string1 = “SELECT RitDossiernr_, Ritnr_, RitVolgnr_, TrajectRegelnr_, Volgnr_, Klantnr_, Klantnaam, Begindatum, Kilometers, ““Totaal Goederen””, ““Totaal Gewicht””, Adrespostcode, Adresplaats, Soort, Activiteit, Dossiernr_, Trekker FROM ““Ritdossier-Deelrit Traject”” WHERE RitDossiernr_ = '” & ritdossier(0) & “’ AND Ritnr_ = " & deelrit(0) & " ORDER BY Volgnr_” Set traject = navision.OpenResultset(string1, rdOpenKeyset, rdlockoptimistic) Do While Not traject.EOF And Not goeddossier = 2 'één record invullen in het detailrapport lbltraject.Caption = traject(3) lbltraject.Refresh detailrapport.AddNew detailrapport!ritdossiernr = traject(0) detailrapport!deelritnr = traject(1) detailrapport!ritvolgnr = traject(2) detailrapport!trajectnr = traject(3) detailrapport!volgnr = traject(4) detailrapport!klantennr = traject(5) detailrapport!klantennaam = Mid(traject(6), 1, 20) detailrapport!klantengroep = klantengroep_bepalen(traject(5)) detailrapport!laaddatum = traject(7) detailrapport!atlkm = traject(8) all the others are filled in but traject (8) isn’t filled in. It worked before and the table hasn’t changed. Can someone help me a hand. thanks Tom Delchambre ( Metro NV Izegem Belgium

if the value isn’t 0(zero) then it works; but if the value (in navision) is zero it doesn’t return anything

As simpel as it looks and IT WORKS!!! thanks Ralph !