Navision 2.01b Unbinding TCP IP Address

Hello Last year we upgraded our computer environment to Servers 2008 and workstations Windows 7 - along with an implementation of Navision 2013. The users need access for the next few years to the legacy Navision 2.0b to access old data. I was able to install Navision Server with all the old data onto a stand alone Windows 2000 server computer.

For the TCP I used this address: No Gateway, no DNS. Navision 2.01b work perfectly. I had to send a stand alone Windows 2000 server computer to France for those users to access legacy data. When the users in France attempt to open Navision 2 they receive a TCP error. I can duplicate that error on our stand alone computer by changing the IP Address to I can duplicate the TCP error by simply removing the Internet cable. I learned how Navision would behave with various IP addresses.

I found that the IP address in France was I had the French office change what I shipped over from to Navision fails to open and generates a TCP error. I had them add a gateway, add DNS and so forth - and Navision fails to open and generates a TCP error. A tech friend thought that when I installed Navision here that during the Navision install and setup Nav bound that TCP IP Address to it ‘application layer’.

What I can do here is install Navision anew using the French office workgroup IP Address - and that would bind it to Navision. Thus I send over to France the hard drive with the France IP range bound to Navision. However I wonder isn’t there a method in Navision 2- a config file - where it may be possible to alter that address that the French stand alone Nav computer seems to be associating with?

France can change the TCP IP static address settings from to however Navision fails to open because of a TCP issue.