Navision 2.01 and PHP

I’m new in this forum. It looks great !! Well. I’ve seen several questions regarding on PHP access to NF. All topics I have seen talk about SQL Server … Well. I don’t have SQL Server. So my question is : ¿ Is it possible to connect to NF 2.01 on NT with its own Database Engine from Linux using PHP ? ¿ Any one has done it succesfully ? Thanx.

Yep, its possible and very simple. I tried it with a apache server and PHP 3.0 First you need to install the ODBC Driver from Navision and create a Driver. Now you need a PHP 3 Script. Here an very simple example: <?php $connect = odbc_connect(ODBCDriverName,Login,password"); # ODBC Driver to Navision 2.6 $query = "SELECT elefant FROM arica WHERE x = '$foo'"; $result = odbc_exec($connect,$query); # Start SQL Statement while(odbc_fetch_row($result)){ $xx = odbc_result($result, "field1"); $yy = odbc_result($result,"field9"); print(" $xx $yy \n
"); } // close the connection odbc_close($connect); ?> ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer EMail:

I thought so but … My PHP doesn’t reconize odbc-connect … How did you get PHP working with odbc ?? And, please, could you tell me how configure odbc driver on NT machine ?? Very, very thanx.

I will send you a Email … ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer EMail:

Hi nyman and Alex I tried to connect via PHP and ODBC to Navision. I have a Apache-Server with PHP running. But either I got Error-Messages about parser oder not recognized ODBC-Driver. I installed NF’s ODBC-Driver (NF2.01A+B) and created: - a User Data Source called BENPHP - System Data Source also called BENPHP - and a File DSN Entry in “Data Sources” called BENPHP.dsn My C/ODBC Driver is Version CODBC.dll from the 09-02-1999 Any suggestions? I didnt find the problem with the PHP-Help-Tutorials. Best regards Benjamin Benjamin Crause Germany

Hi, Alex. You said me at navision forum you can connect to navision own db engine using PHP3. Well, I’m getting crazy trying connectting to … My problem is my PHP doesn’t recognize odbc_connect. I’ve tried to compile PHP and Apache with odbc support but with no success. Please, do you know something about this ? How can I get PHP running in Linux with odbc support ??? Thanx. Please, reply to too.