Navision 2.00A and EDI

I know that there is a solution out there for EDI integration and the 2.0 product but is it worth it? How much modification is there to the solution if you are using a third party such as Sterling Commerce. What Transactions does it support. We are getting killed on the 856 ASN.

Are you talking about “Commerce Gateway” solution from MS Navision which uses BizTalkServer or any other solution? Regards

No not Biztalk Server. I believe that there were some Semi Standard third party solutions.

Lanham & Associates offers an add-on for EDI (integration is about 2 days). It support 850, 810, and 856. The 856 requires some enhancements to work with the container object (unless Lanham has fixed this). By the way, the EDI support Sterling, and other translators (I have only tested Sterling). You will probally have to take the latest 2.6 version, and merge it backwards onto 2.0. No that setup time for a trading partner takes about 2-3 days per partner with testing. An alternative is to find an EDI house that will take your flat files and transmit their EDI equalivalents.