NavInstallationTools.psm1 on the NAV 2013 R2 - 2016 dvd

On the NAV 2013 R2 and later DVD’s there is a file NavInstallationTools.psm1 in the root. I have search anywhere, but I have not found any references to this file anywhere. It’s a powershell file for use to install NAV, but I cannot find any places where it’s use is described. Except inside the file.

i searched the web, no result at all.

i read the documentation in that script. you can use it to run (automatically) the nav setup (without UI ?).

the main benefit of that script seems to be, that you get a nice log for analyzing, if something goes wrong.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks, that’s almost the same concussion I came to looking at it. I just found it strange that a file that has been on the DVD since NAV 2013 R2 never has been mentioned in any documentation online. Not a single blogger who have explained what this file can be used for!

Who will be first? [;)]