Navigation Pane Navision

Dear All,

How can i hide the Navision Navigation Pane, Navision ToolBar, Navision Status Bar on Startup from C/AL Code. I need to modify codeunit 1 but actually what code i need to write. Please guys your help is required in this regards with example code please.


I actually don’t think that you can do this from C/AL - at least not directly. But I’m sure that a nerd or two in here knows a way to do it anyway…


Erik is correct, this can not be done direct in C/AL but you can with the Windows Script Host Object Model WshShell - SENDKEY function. SENDKEY acts as if the user is typing in the keys

e.g. ALT-F1 for the navigation pane and ALT-V T for the toolbar (you will then need to send space and down arrow)

(does this make me a nerd [:S] [:O] )

Dave, Yes a nerd! But I guess in “our world” then being an nerd is not a bad thing!