Navigation pane - NAV 4.0 - Security

I have created a new menu in my Navigation pane. I have assigned the users 
to this new menu so everything looks ok. But when a users starts up, he does 
not see the new menu. If the user is linked with the role ALL (in NAV 4.0 SP2 
it is called ALLE), when I link the user to the Role SUPER, he sees the menu.

I have tested to see what it could be and I have noticed when I create a 
role with the permission for Table Data  and put everything on yes, he als 
sees the new menu.
Could anyone tell me which Table Data, I must add in the role ALL ???


You need to look at the menu items, for example if it is the sales order, then they need to have permission for sales orders

You assign users to menus, which allows them access to the menu, but they still need permissions set for the actual menu items.

hope this helps

I created a new menu in navigation bar and when I checked everybody has access to it once I assigned it to all users. As long as teh user has pemrission to view that new menu he is able to access it …

So it might that you have some setting at startup which denies access to teh new menu you created.

Do you have it checked for all users? You don’t need to add any table to role all.

All menus in Navigation Pane are accessible to users once they are assigned to that particular menu, yes workign withthat menu depends on if the user has access for underlying table or not.

hope it helps

If a user doesn’t have premission for an item, he will not see it on the menu,

as a test the role “all” has

report 0 set, which gives access to all reports,

remove this from the permissions and all reports will go away.

try it out in your test company. and see for your self

this will be for your users, if you are set up a super user, you will still see everything

The Role “ALL” contains the “FORM” 0 and “REPORT” 0, which gives permission to see all forms and reports, if you modify the permissions, the users will not see the form at all, with the default, where everyone see everything on the menu, but then tries to access it and gets the permission error at that time, but you you don’t let them see it in the first place it removes a lot of frustration on the users part.