Navigation Pane Groups disappearing

We have come across something really weird in regards to the Navigation Pane.

Lets say you go to Purchases, right click on the Planning Group and Send to Shortcuts. It send the folder to your shortcuts so you now have the Planning folder in your Shortcuts and in the Purchase menu. No problems yet.

Now right click on your Shortcut menu and move it up until it is above the Purchase menu. Refresh your Navigation Pane and the Planning folder dissappears from the Purchase menu!

If you move the Shortcut menu below the Purchase menu (and then refresh) the Planning group reappears.

Also if the Shortcut Menu is above the Purchase menu and you delete the Planning folder froms Shortcuts it will never reappear uder the Purchase Menu.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Is there a fix? The only fix I know of is to keep your Shortcut menu at the bottom always.

I have just simulated your problem and didn’t happen to me. I had used Navision 4.0 SP3. Can you tell me witch version is you using and is SQL client or native?

I do not have that problem either.

Please tell us the build no. of your fin.exe or finsql.exe as well.

CSIDE SPII Build# 22611. I also tried it on CSIDE SPIII Build# 24219 and had the same problem.

Have you tried to delete ZUP file?

No but we get it on any user, any computer so that is not the issue. I have tried removing the records in table User Menu Level but that doesn’t help. This could be related to 2 partner addon menusuite objects. Maybe someone could try this who has some partner menusuites?

I have replicated this right out of the gate with a NAV 5.0 Cronus database.