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Hi, All
maybe this is a silly question, but is there any way to find which branchs of the version 4 menu tree contain a specific object? The Where Used function in the Dev Tool doesn’t seem to cover this particular use. [:(]

Hi Anna,

On you can find a “Menu Suite Analyser” in the download section. May be this tool helps you (a little bit at least).


Interesting tool, indeed! Thank you, Karl!

"Freeware, by Christophe Watrelot (, April 2006
Sure you’ve spent some time looking “Where is this $%#&£!!! function!”

  1. ObjectDesigner, MenuSuite, select all MenuSuite objects then Export as txt.
  2. Run form 89040 “Menu nodes”, Functions, Import MenuSuite
    You can choose a language with “Language Filter” flowfilter.
    So, Don’t worry, be happy!"