Navi 356 server on W2k server???

We are running Navi3.56A server on OS/2. Can we move Navi server to run on Windows 2000 server without problems? /Casp

As you may be aware, Navision has ended support for the character product. The last known version of NT that “officially” supports Navi 3.56 is NT 4.0. While it is possible it could work, I would be extreamly carefull in my implementation. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

Haven’t had any problems with Servern and Windows 2000. Regards

We have no problems - running several servers with W2000

Going from OS/2 to Win2K, you have to bee aware of this: - Do you use NETB or TCP as network protocol? NETB can bee hard to set up on a Win2K server. - Do you often start more than one session on the same computer? With a Navision server running on a Win2K server, each session on the same computer will ‘cost’ a user session. If you have a 5-user license, you can start 5 sessions totally on the same computer or one on 5 different computers. - You will have to buy license to use Win32. I can´t remember if there is more… Best regards, P. Borg