Navi 3.56A on Windows 2000 (Client side)

We are running two Navi3.56A servers on WinNT 4.0 Server (TCP and NETB, NETB - serverno=1, TCP - serverno=2). All clients with Win98 are connecting to server (both TCP and NETB) without problems and clients with Win2000 cannot connect to NaviServer with NETB (serverno=1), but TCP works fine. NETB returns error code 20 form NetBIOS. Maybe someone already have solution for this problem.

Common problem: The NetBIOS servername ia comprised of licenseno. and serverno. - if you run the clients with a different license(serialno.) the clients can not detect the correct server - use the parameter: serialno=servers serialno on the clients. On WinNT4 Workstations the problem often is that Navision demands NetBIOS has LANA number = 000 You can change this in Settings…/Services Select Properties of the NetBIOS interface If you run NetBIOS over IPX/SPX then Network Route NwlnkNb → NwlnkIpx must have Lana number 000 IF NetBEUI, then Network Route Nbf → Netkort must have Lana number 000 And if NetBIOS over TCP/IP then Network Route NetBT → Network card with Lana number 000 As Win2000 is built on NT4 technology it could also be the problem with Win2000 Thomas Ravn-Jensen