Navi 3.56 - ODBC into Access97, query time-out

I have a small Access database (Access 97 on Win98 machine) that connects to Navision 3.56 using the ODBC driver. The Access database imports the contents of the Sales Header table and stores the contents locally. I have a scheduled task that repeats this function every 20 minutes. About 75% of the time, the scheduled import works perfectly (and finishes in about 30 seconds). The other 25% I get a query time-out. At this point Navision prompts me asking if I want to abort the query. All I need to do is say “No” to the question and then 100% of the time the query completes in about 30 seconds. My time-out setting on my ODBC driver is 600 seconds. Can anybody guide me, or suggest things to look at, so that I can figure out what is causing these query time-outs? (It is not a lack of user licenses because I get a different error message when this is the case.) Or possibly, can someone instruct me how I can have VB automatically answer “No” when a query time-out question pops up. Thanks in advance. Grant Brimhall Salt Lake City, Utah