navi 3.56 and tcp/ip

I have 2 workstations one win 2k and one win98 under “netbios” all work fine,i could start server on each machine and open multiple clients on both machines.But there is problem with TCP-nettype.Server on w2k is ok,but client failed to start …reporting there is no host in your host-file… my hosts file on both is set up like that: naviserver1 client which port uses naviserver1 (2407?) anyone knows where is the catch ?? thank you in advance, Phrozen

try naviserv1 instead of Naviserver1. HTH.

thank you,schweizer-genie… It works fine ! I had also tried succesfull NETSRVN and NEWORKN files (there is no problem with renaming)…but there was problem with renaming naviserver… (too old manuals) thank you again…phrozen