NAV5.0 Chart of Accounts Proformance problem

[+o(]Hi dear Experts

Currently we are suffering the performance problem in Chart of Accounts.

We have several internal companys and we do transcations between these companys. but only one company have this problem(which is the main company), When we open this company and go Finanical managment → General Ledger-> Chart of Accout, select one of the account . and when we drill down the blance or some fields. it take’s ages to show the detail information in General Ledger Entries. 10~20mins

We are using SQL 2005 Database, I do the index defragment every month and database maintanence every week.

Can any one help us?



This is just a flowfield off the G/L entry table. Do you get the searching dialog box? If so the General Ledger Entry form has been modify to use a different key and it is looping the full table. Check to see if the G/L Entry table or the General Ledger Entry has been modified. If not try with renaming your zup file.

Strange that this doesn’t happen on all companies - are they on the same database?

Yes They are on the same database, the thing is even I not the end user will suffer the problem, when our account team member drilldown the fields there is not dialog box poped up.

What you means that the General Ledger Entry form has been modified? do you mean the code back ground? if so, Only our 3rd party who did the customerization have lisence to do that.

every time when the performance issue happens I use DMV to check the sql cache hit ratio drop very sharply from 99.89% to 79.82%

We do have a big table

What’s your option?

What is a very big table?

What Erik means is:

With “Super” rights go to the file menu and select database, then information.

Then click the “Tables” button.

Filter the “Table No.” field for “17” and report back the number of records and the size of the table of the company mentioned.

What version of Navision and what country version are you using.

I suggest you ask your NAV partner about changes to the GL tables as changes to the calcualtion of the Net Change and Balance fields on the GL Account can make this very slow.

After I optimize the G/L Entry in NAV5 it looks much quicker than before. I assume that beside SQL, in NAV I need to do some Maintanence job as well.

The index rebuild and defragment should be done more frequently