NAV5.0 / 5.1

What are ging to be the difference between 5.0 and 5.1

NAV 5.1 will add

1 – New User Interface

2 – Web Services support

3 – Better support for reporting services

4 - Lot a bug fixes [:)]

Well I do agree in you no. 1 and 2. No. 3 I’m not quite sure about. Hearing different stories here.

But no. 4?? Of cause there will be bug fixes. But this release in my mind is so big that it should have had it’s own version number. The new features are not on the small side. The new user interface means adding new parts to the designer (the new form), the new reporting interface also. And a lot of new features sadly, seen in the history of Navision, also means a lot of new errors.

I would not want to go live on this version until at least service pack 1.

NAV 5.0/5.1 using sql 2000 or sql 2005?


Working within an NSC, we have all come to the conclusion that all teckies will want 5.1 to be a redundent version for the most part, as everyone will want to wait until 5.2 comes out before implementing a stable version.

At the other end of the spectrum however, I can imagine over exicted Salespeople going out and really pushing 5.1 because of its new UI.

So bring on the fun!

Reports in 5.1 are on SQL Server reporting services if that’s what you want. They will have RDL definitions that you can modify with any RDL editor.

From What I have read in some document, Reports will have the option to be save has RDL and be sent to reporting services. I don’t know if there is some information of each features will be removed from 5.1

Hi Daniel,

Nice to see you here again! [:D]

Ok then I can relax a little again. Maybe I should give that BETA CD a look! [;)]

Did you find any documentation supporting the MVP BETA CD?

I think we are also going to see potential users that will buy a single user license jsut to see what its all about. If you look at business ready licensing, you can see that you could buy a simple system for about the cost of two days consulting time. To me having a full user license in my hand is going to be much more useful than a demo version and 2 days with my partner to tell me about it.

And many (if not most) of these will be NAV 3.70 and NAV 4.00 users trying to decide if they should move to 5.1. So they will probably get the first version, which mens that there will be a number of users out there finding bugs. So if feedback can be gotten very quickly about 5.1 issues to Microsoft, then 5.2 or 5.1 SP2 could be a great product.

Thanks Erik, I was never really away though, I had just lost my password again [:$] David was kind enough to help me out.

There’s no docs, use your imagination :slight_smile: we can help each other out in the MVP corner.