NAV4SP1 + SQL2005 + Business Notification

Hi All!

my goal is to get BN on the sql05 machine running. I tried it with sql2000 and a separated machine as the Busniness Notification server and everything went flawless. Now i have a slightly different setup: 1) standard Navision sp1 ssytem, Native databse 2) SQL2005 machine, Sp2 + SQL Business Notifications Problem is when i try to install the navision Business Notification Server (from the V4Sp1 Cd ) on the SQL machine, it tells me i dont have Notifications installed. but they are installed…or do i reakky something missing? anyone experience? thx in advance tom

I have a déjà vu!

Try the NAV400SP3-client. 400SP1 is not supported on SQL2005.