Nav4 (SP3) Installation on SQL 2005

Happy New Year…

I am installing Nav4(SP3) on SQL Server 2005 for the first time. Are there any issues or points i need to be careful of while installation. Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated.


Make sure that you have installed all recent updates for SQL Server 2005 as well. When installing/configuring SQL Server take care about the location of the system databases, the hardware settings (/3GB, AWE, etc.) to avoid trouble. Don’t forget to configure the SQL Server logins for the “mixed mode”, Windows and Database Logins allowed!

Proceed like discribed in the “Installation” doc provided with NAV (create the Extended Stored Procedures, grant Execute rights for Public and Guest).

When configuring the logins/user accounts take care about Synchronization!

Normally, this should be enough to have an initial NAV installation. Then it’s actually up to improve the performance, but that’s a different story …