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Dear All,

My desktop sceen becames blue at the time of the merge process. I think the reason behind this is the lack of the system requirement. So I want to know what is the system requirement for the merge process ??

Our Customer Database size is 500 MB.

Current System has 512 MB RAM and Drive C (9.7 GB, 747 MB Free) , Drive D (27.4 GB, 3.65 GB Free) , OS : Window XP SP2

That’s a very small database, and the computer spec should be fine, you need to provide more details.

Thanks David.

There are some 104001 Series Objects in the Customer database. Those Objects versions are UPGW13.70 or UPGW14.00 or UPGIN4.00.02 or UPGW14.00, UPGIN4.00.02.

In the Merge Process it gives the following error message……

Hi Subrata,

I agree with David that your system configuration is just fine for the process you’re trying to do. It may be that the system is running the job, and not ‘Updating’ the window frequently. So, you’ll feel as if the system is hanged.

What are you trying to do in the screenshots attached?

You’re trying to merge objects of two different versions together to get a new version is it? Can you share what you did/ are doing for which you’re getting this error?

I’m trying to Merger the Customized objects with the Base Nav 5.0 SP1 HF2 IN.

Yes, the Merge process is starting to through the error message when It tries to merge the report object ID 505 (Error: 1097)

BTW, Thanks for your reply

Hi Subrata,

Although there is a facility to Merge two databases in NDT, it is recommended that when you do any upgrade, you use the NDT to compare the difference between the databases and merge those differences manually to the database you’re upgrading.

Just to test the correctness of the merge process in NDT, I’ve merged two database versions many times, but I never came accross any similar error.

I’m waiting for other experts to hear more on this.