NAV4.0 SP1 Adjust Cost - Item Entries Error.

Hi all,

Anyone know whats the step to fix, if i am facing such error during the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job:

“Applies-to Entry must not be 0 for Item Journal Template = ‘’, Item Journal Batch = ‘’, Line No. = 0.”

Below is the scenario that happen that caused this issue:

  1. Sales Order to Customer A having posted Invoice DO001 and INV001.

  2. Sales Return Order raised for Customer B posted as SRN001 and CN001 and applied to INV001.

  3. User found that the CN is posted wrongly, therefore raised Sales Invoice with Item Charge UNDERCHARGE, and charged to item in SRN001 and post as INV002

  4. User raised another CN with Item Charge OVERCHARGE and charged to item in DO001 then post as CN002.

In above scenarios, customer balance, sales value are all correct. But there is error prompted during the adjust batch job. Anyone have any idea to solve this issue? Please help

Thank you.