NAV2016 - dump BREP - can we still fix custom code issues?

We decided to not upgrate our NAV2016 to NAV2018 or Cloud/365.
Instead we want to use the existing NAV2016 we have for the next few years while we either create a custom ERP solution or move on to another “off-the shelf” ERP.

Meanwhile - if we stop paying for the “Enhancement Plan” (aka BREP), can we still:

  1. download the latest CU (cumulative update) and apply it (have someone apply it that is…I suppose someone with a NAV dev. license?) The CU downloads appears to be available to download for free from MS and MS provides installation instructions - so can we just pay someone with a NAV dev license to apply these updates?

  2. If an issue comes up in our custom NAV code, can we hire anyone with a NAV dev. license to make simple change to our existing custom code units ?

Where can we find an economical NAV dev. that can do this for us, if the need arise in the next 2-3 years , after we’re dumping BREP and just running on our current licenses.