NAV2013 - Licensing for reading data from WS/DB

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I’ve searched long enough to be very frustrated as I cannot find the answer to my question.

I’m assigned with a task to build some sort of frontend editor for employee data from navision.

Now I know about licence multiplexing and that I cannot just use a Webservice to get my data from a central server to present to the user.

But how about accessing the Database directly to READ data and use a periodic report from NAV to get and save the data back to NAV? Does this need to be licensed?

Is there a way to legally access the WebService to write/update without using 200 licenses?

PS: sorry if there are spelling errors, not my native language :slight_smile:

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200 licenses? Do you mean that you will have 200 simultaneous users accessing via a web service?

NAV CAL’s are concurrent, not named users. So you can have as many users as you like. They only count when they are online.

But there is much more too it than that. May I suggest that you read:


Written by NAV MVP [mention:83cc65a5e1a0442fb60000782faf8190:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] (Kamil Sacek).


Hey, thanks for the fast reply.

The problem here is: I won’t even get one license here… “Too expensive!” …you know it
Do I need to consume the web service with the usernames of every user that is accessing the WebSite?
So if 4 User access the WebSite in a Timespan of 15min 4 Lics are gone? (as a WebService will lock the lic for 15min?)
Also does the WebService automatically use the lic or do I have to do it manually somehow?

I’ve read some topics in the forum here - if I already have a SQL Processor lic (unlimited users) I STILL need a Lic for each user that uses the data dumped out by a Query or a Report ?

Hello, it really depends on the USER. If it is a external USER (let’s say a Customer) then you don’t need additional license for your external application. If the data from the external application is consumed by a internal user (within the company) or internal user(2) (outsourcing Company) then you need to consume a license. I think if you have SQL Processor licesne then you should be allowed to access the SQL-Database directly because you don’t use the Application Server(NAV).

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We are only talking about internal employees btw

I think periodic export and import is ok even Triggered. At db level and from WS.

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