NAV2013 import of images from SaaS travel and expense management provider

Hi All,

Can I import images (say travel expense receipts) into NAV2013 and then call those images when I want to use them as backup to a charge on an invoice? Is anyone doing this at the moment? Do I need to buy a third party application to hold the images at the line level (eg Zetadocs), if so any suggestions?


We are investigating third party SaaS Travel and Expense providers (Concur, Webexpense, Expensify) to make our T&E process electonic. I want to automate the import into NAV2013 of the AP journal line for each expense receipt and then reinvoice the line item receipt back to a client, as T&E is often rebillable. I also want to produce a backup report containing the image(s) of the receipt(s) charged to the client and linked back to the invoice buildup (the more challenging bit).

The T&E solution will capture the receipt as an electronic image as part of the process of compiling the expense claim. The T&E solution can all send the images to NAV2013, apparently. I want to import the images to NAV and link them to the AP lines created in the journal import.

I have investigated the likes of Zetadocs, but currently they only attach to the header level not the line level of a record (as I understand it).

Any thoughts or other solutions folk on the forum consider workable?


Have you ever considered using NAV RecordLink functionality, pointing to file on shared folder?