NAV2013 Customer Ldger Entries page

Hi All,

One of our user (NAV 2013) not able to see Customer Ledger Entries.When opens CLE getting below screen

if we select some dimension at highlighted area then getting below screen

Before few days user can see it properly. On CLE page no code changes are done. From where this change could be done?

Thanks in advance.

Check the value of dimensions on OnOpenPage trigger (I think you may have either SETFILTER|SETRANGE(…, DimensionValue) or just ‘’)

Hi RedFoUA, thanks for reply.

Nothing written on this trigger.


even no filters are applying page other than Customer No.


That is what I am not getting from where it is asking for dimension. message coming is - select dimension for chart.

OK. Next question - what is the structure of the page and what CalcFormula the “Amount LCY” field has?

What is the link for the “” button?

Hi RedFoxUA, thanks for reply.

Issue is resolved. Page view was in chart form.