NAV2009 error message

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Okay what i do i show you. is it true? or… [:(]

Our Server computer has operation system of Windows 2003 Server. First Domain will be installed at the server and then Client User will be registered in the Domain created. Currently we have installed SQL2005 and Active Directory on our Domain computer. User which was registered at Domain has been added to the Security in SQL. Then IP of Client and Server computer will be written in a host file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and name of the computer will be written in a description field and saved. In addition, I have written Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server 7046/tcp #Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server in a service field of the same track. Then I ran install of NAV2009, selected “choose installation option”, then “Classic Client Server”, made configuration and installed.

After installation was complete, I entered NAV2009 SQL application, added the Client user which was registered at its Domain and synchronized. Now I need to install Roletailored Client on Client.

IP of Client and Server computer will be written on the host file placed in a track c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc which created at the server of Client Computer. Also name of computer will be written in a description field and saved. In a service field placed in same track, Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server 7046/tcp #Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server function has been done. Then, when I installed Roletailored client, I had written IP address of Server Computer on a Server name. The result is below error.

How can i install and setup NAV2009 on my computer and Server. Please Help me all…

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Hi Pink,

I think you have disabled some services of SQL 2005. To enable those services follow the following steps :

  1. In SQL configuration tool all the service should be enabled as you can see below

  1. Then go to Protocols for MS SQL Server and enable all the servcies see below :

  1. The restart your MS SQL Services again and start the work.

I think it should work.



You need to install the Server instead of Classic Server. Roletailored Client can’t connect to Classic server.


Thank you for all replies. I solved this problem. This is very helpful for me.

You guys are great. The solution was very helpful. I’m excited![:D]