Nav WS service and performance

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In Nav ws we can get data follow two type and ws.readmultiple(filter,bookmarks,size). Read method is not problem. But when we use readmultiple has performance issue. When we set 0 in size, we will get all data from table. In my case, i have more than 40,000 record in my item table. So when i use readmultiple method data retrive time is so long. And then when we click paging index it reload all records again. If we use sql statement we can be do own paging.

At Nav … how can i do my own paging? Brick wall

Anybody has idea? …

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Retrive Result

Request Count: 1
Bytes Sent: 656 (headers:656; body:0)
Bytes Received: 32,528 (headers:222; body:32306)


ClientConnected: 14:03:00.176
ClientBeginRequest: 14:03:00.177
ClientDoneRequest: 14:03:00.177
Gateway Determination: 0ms
DNS Lookup: 0ms
TCP/IP Connect: 16ms
HTTPS Handshake: 0ms
ServerConnected: 14:03:00.194
FiddlerBeginRequest: 14:03:00.194
ServerGotRequest: 14:03:00.194
ServerBeginResponse: 14:04:09.376
ServerDoneResponse: 14:04:09.377
ClientBeginResponse: 14:04:09.377
ClientDoneResponse: 14:04:09.377

Overall Elapsed: 00:01:09.2000000 (Which Cust. can be wait that time?Brick wall )

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Hi Fri,

It is solved by myself.


I’m facing the same problem with more than 100 000 records in the table,

I’m using ReadMultiple method with bookmarks.

The idea is to read only the part of the records (100) at the time and show the data in the dataGridView control.

Next 100 records should be redden when next row is selected or on some other event (KeyPress…)

Can you provide some information on how you did solve the problem?