NAV World Wide vs US

I recently started working for a company that has the World Wide version of NAV installed but primarily support the US. It was suggested that they change to the US version. I would like to know what the exact differences are. Does anyone have a link to a side by side comparison?

Hi Teresa,

There are a number of differences, but they are not huge. Actually the US version of Navision is one of the very few Localized versions that was actually done right,so its a pretty good version to use. Most country versions of Navision are really horrible, so you are lucky.

The core areas are

Kitting - slowly this is making its way into other versions, and eventually lets hope it will be apart of W1.

1099 US only

Sales Tax - There are extra details available, eg. press F9 on a sales order and you get details tax break down. Because of Canadian requirements the US version is a good version when supporting BOTH sales tax and VAT.

Cash application - this has been fixed so it actually works in the US version. In W1 applying cash to multiple invoices involves acts that Circus performers would consider crazy.

Collections - there is a really nice for collections in US, sadly its the one thing in US that doesn’t work, because of how they did the sub form, but its pretty easy to fix.

Reports - many reports have been fixed in the US version, most of these you can import from US back to W1 if you have a license. Unfortunately some are in the 10k range and others simply have replaced base reports, so it can take a bit of effort to work out which are which.

Keep in mind that moving from W1 to US is a pretty easy process, but moving back is a lot more work, so makes sure you want to do this and don’t plan going back.

Anyway filter in US version on objects in the range 10000…10999 to see the US customizations.

Thank you so much. That is the perfect information I needed.