NAV WebService inspiration needed


I am looking for some inspiration to creating NAV WebServices, as the documentation and examples I have been able to find doesn’t contain, what I am looking for.

I am working on a new solution where all business logic shall be performed inside NAV and with a .NET based frontend (UI).

I need to have a set of parameters passed from the UI to NAV, have some business logic performed in NAV including collecting data, creating records etc.,
and then based on that, have a set of records exposed to the UI.

As I see it, I can send a list of parameters to a function in a codeunit, and that function can of course carry out all necessary in NAV, but to be able to expose multiple records to the UI, I probably need to use a page.
I can create a function in a page, but parameters passed to that will be lost on the following WS-call to that page.
In other words, how can I through a single WS-call have

  • multiple parameters passed to NAV,

  • initiated some business logic to be performed in NAV based on these parameters and

  • collected and exposed multiple records from NAV as the “response” to the WS-call.

I am not looking for the .NET code to be performed in UI, but the structure and code-placement inside NAV (C/SIDE).

Hope the above makes sense.
Hope anyone have an example or some hints on “how-to”.

I know VJEKOSLAV BABIC made a very nice solution with the possibilities to have user-interaction between .Net code and NAV using Webservices.

So user interaction is possible (eg if confirm('Do you want to post…?) is handled on the .net program) It was presented during Mibuso Techdays 2012.

He used the possibillities of test-codeunits. Don’t know if it is already posted in some blog, but you can try to contact him at

Hi Leif

You can do most things by using a combination of page-based webservices and extension codeunits.

For example it would be fairly easy to create UI that generates a sales order and have a function that posts the incoice, just as in NAV - by using an extension codeunit.

Hope this helps you.


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