NAV Web Client


I need to open the NAV 2017 Web Client from another computer from the external network.

I turned off the firewall on both the server and the computer, but I still can not open the web client. The URL I use is:
http: // serverIP: 8080 / DynamicsNAV100 / WebClient /
I run the web client on a server without any problems using the http: // localhost: 8080 / DynamicsNAV100 / WebClient /.

Does anyone know what else needs to be configured to allow access to external networks?

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You need to use the computers external IP address. Not the internal. And this
PC is within your company’s network (VPN), then you typically have to configure the Router, so that the external IP address (for that specific port) is mapped correctly and the firewall.

It’s basic “IP configuration” - not only for NAV. So if in a company you normally need to contact your “network people”, if the server was not installed with external access in mind.