Nav Verses Sage Line 200

We are about to install Nav or Sage Line 200 has anybody got any experiance of Line 200 verse Nav please?

I’ve sold both. Do you mean Line 200 or Sage 200 (they are very different). Line 200 doesnt exist any more it is now Sage line 500 or Sage 1000 (500 with CRM). Sage line 200 used to be limited to 24 users. Having spent 10 years selling sage solutions, i would have to say Sage 200 is a cracking system. with an eye on the future i would say go Microsoft.

give me a bell if you wnat to know more 07747487487

Hi Ian,

It is difficult to give a direct answer without knowing your company’s requirements. Both systems will have strong selling points and most user here are from a Dynamics background so would recommend Nav. I would suggest than you engage with local partners and evaluate both systems or give a description of your business requirements here so we can help you more.