Nav Ver 4.03 Sales & Marketing->Order Processing->Orders

Hi Everyone,

After you are in above menu path, you would choose cust number & other details to be pulled on your header level of sales order. When I am in sales line I choose type as Item, location code & fill in variant code. The moment I fill in variant code and enter my qty, navision on the right hand side display info about item information like item card, availability, substitutions, sales prices, sales line discount.

My question is how can I pull only one field called as availability field from item information displayed on right hand side of sales order screen to item card. Because when I use customer card, reserve as always and reserve item as optional, I can see navision reserves stock automatically but availability on item card is not deducted since sales order is not posted, but during order entry, navision shows correct availability. So I am asking you all as how to add this availability field on item card form. I am not a developer but with some assistance and guidance can be able to do it.



There are many calculated QTY fields on Item Card (actually Table) by standard, and more can be put there, which you can see hitting Ctrl-F8(Zoom) - depending on your needs…

Although, there isn`t such a field by default which calculates all actual and pending “+” & “-” together to show availability (as in SO sidebar).

First, you must define not only availability of WHAT, but also WHERE and WHEN you need - SO sidebar can calculate it, because SO line “knows” which Item, Variant, Location and even Shipping Date etc. its all about, so its not that simple to put “Availability” on Item Card. For example, you may have a zero stock right now, but there is Purchase order already with QTY=10 and Reciept Date 5 days forward - so now Availability is 0, but will be 10 after 5 days and so on with more complicated calculations…