Nav Ver 4.03, financial management->General Ledger, Analysis & Reporting,Account Schedule

Hi All,

Currently my customer is using navision version 4.03, and on the above menu path, after I choose account schedule and choose the overview from the below button of account schedule, I am in the overview of account schedule, where by I can see three tabs like General, Dimension Filters and Options.

Under Dimension Filters tab, I can see 4 fields, Dimension Filter 1, Dim Filter 2, Dim Filter 3 and Dim Filter 4. I can only use Dim Filter 1 and 2, Dim Filter 3 and 4 are greyoff. So I used Cntl+F2 to go into design mode of the form, choose the Dim filter 3 or 4, check their properties, they all are set as Visible, Enable, etc.

But how to make use of these two dimension filters which are called as Dim Filter 3 and Dim Filter 4




The account schedule “name” is also attached to an analysis view, in this view you need to define the dimensions and create the view. Once you have assigned the name to dimensions and it is used in the overview the overview can be filtered by the dimensions associated with the view. Prior to doing any of this global dimensions 1 and 2 are there as default.