NAV Table not runing


I work on a custom developed table that is almost full of calculated columns and filters. The other day, I was trying to enter some predefined filters and accedentally entered a filter " 02-03||03-03". Navision is now no longer allowing me to enter back to the table saying there is an error on the filters. When I try to run it, it will fail before displaying the contents of the table. Is there any way I can clear up the filter without opening the table? Perhaps SQL Server…?

Please let me know.

You might try deleting your zup file. This filter setting should be stored there. To test the theory, try opening the problem table from another workstation using another login.

You can try by opening the table/form in design mode and save it…

I couldn’t open the table using object designer. NAV will kick me out before it loads the table’s records. Any idea?

You can’t even design the table? Design, save, and compile. Don’t run it.


Designing the table works. But, the problem I have is with a single record in this specific table that contains bad data. I don’t understand even how NAV accepted this data. I run some queries in SSMS (SQL Server) and found this data in a single record of this table.


This is a record stored in a field, which we use to store predefined filters that are used a an input for some of the other calculated flowfields. However, for some reason NAV can not get to this single record where 01-01|01-02|01-03||03-01|03-02|03-03.

Update. Now the table runs but when I try to scroll down to a record where this data is stored, NAV will kick me out automatcally and gives the message above.

Any further idea?

Have you tried to delete the zup file from the problematic machine ?

The two solutions that will work have been supplied. You can either design and recompile the object, which will remove all customizations / filters that would normally be stored in a user’s ZUP file, or you can delete the ZUP file, which will remove all of that for ALL of the objects in the system for that user.

Both of them are not working. I had deleted the ZUP file but the problem reappeared when I tried to access that specific record which contains the bad data. Also, desgining and compiling the table is asking me to clear all the data in this specific field when the bad data is stored; No way to clear thousands of lines of record to modify a single record.

Okay, is there any other way I can modify a data other than using SQL Server Studio Mgt? Any way I can modify using NAV system?

Please let me know.

So you completely closed Navision? Then deleted your zup file? Then went back into Navision and the problem was still there?

It would only ask you to remove the data from that field if you were trying to delete the field from the table. You don’t need to delete the field. Just design it, F11, and close.

Yes. I had closed NAV, then deleted ZUP file and opened NAV again. I entered all the connection information like server name, database and login. It didn’t work.

Also, there are around 900 records in this specific table which contains data under a field I wanted to design (modify). I can not delete all those records to free up this field. so, it didn’t work out too.

is there any way I can write a function to run specifically to modify the data in NAV table?

Thought I would update you. Finally, I developed a custom function that would first get the data based on table’s key and then modify with a specific data I hard coded in the function.

I simply created a processing only report and used Get and Modify CA\L Functions to replace the bad data. FYI, Find and Replace functionality from tool bar didn’t even work.

Thank you all for your feedback.

As per you screen shot it looks like you have applied filters in the RTC and not the classic version, you need to delete the user personlization for RTC & for classic its zup file.

Try deleting the user personlization file for that user.