NAV SQL Slow speed


I’m working with Dynamics NAV 5.0 sp1 with SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.My DB Server,Terminal Server have Windows Server 2003 OS. We have 32 licenses, but when the no of sessions reaching 17 out of 32,the Server response becomes slow.(NOTE: out of 17, 8 Users are Terminal Server Users via mstsc)

I Checked with our systems department regarding N/W Connections.They said that it’s fine and good.

I’m new to NAV.

Need guidance.

Thanks in advance.

You give little info.

A few things to start with:

-How big is the DB. How much memory has sql server. What is the disk-configuration.

-Check if your terminal server has enough memory and CPU power.

-What is the connection-speed between your terminal server and sql server and other clients and sql server.

-Are there PC’s that are slow for some reason?