NAV SQL Server

Hello, I have installed NAV 2009 classic and trying to create a new database on the SQL Server. While creating the same it is giving the error “TCP/IP connnection’s ‘host’ is not answering (TCP/IP ECONNREFUSED)”. I have setup the host file with the server ip and the same erro is reported. Please post any valuable suggestion to proceed. Regards, Ansar.

Are you trying to create SQL Database from Navision Screen only ?


I have a native backup. I am restoring it on to SQL. This is doing from NAV by open new database from NAV classic. Here i got this erro message.

Set Net Type as ‘Default’ in advanced TAB of create database

Did you try to connect on the local SQL Server machine or from a remote client PC? If remote, make sure the Firewall on the SQL Server has opened Port 1433 (SQL Standard Instance) …