NAV Service Tier Installation Problem

When try to install Nav Service Tier getting below error:

Server instance: DynamicsNAV70
Session type: UnknownClient
Session ID: 0
The service MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$DynamicsNAV70 failed to start. This could be caused by a configuration error. Detailed error information:System.BadImageFormatException: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NativeMethods.AdapterStartCSIDE(ErrorHandler errorHandler, ConvertTimeZoneFunc convertLocalToUtcFunc, ConvertTimeZoneFunc convertUtcToLocalFunc, Int32 defaultLanguage, String serverTempDirectory)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavEnvironment…ctor()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavEnvironment.get_Instance()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.WindowsServices.NavServerWindowsService.OnStart(String[] args).

After the error, the service (DynamicsNAV70) and the service installation folder were rolled-back.

Is there anything to do with ServicesDefaultTimeZone in the custom.config? how do we change the setting since the service error during the installation process?


Is Older version of Navision is installed on your machine ???

No, This is a Fresh server machine

How did you install NAV2013? Demo?

Hi Mohana

i tried both options Demo / Full installation,But getting same error

Can this help you

No :frowning:

Try to install the same with Administrator user id …

i tried to install using administrator user but same error