I created a report and grouped the report by department.

When ever i run the report, the first line in the body of the report always has missing fields.

I checked in the table where the report is pulling the data from, all the data fields in that table are not null.

Please advise

Hi Douglas,

Which version of NAV are you using? Classic or RDLC?

Hi Erik.

Im using Classic

Did you try to run it with the debugger turned on? What happens here? Are you able to see the data in the fields?

Hi Erik

I have created a report and in that report inserted a text box called 'Variance".

Variance will display data of type decimal.

Is there a data type which supports both numbers and text such that, if variance = 0, it should display, ‘N/A’ for example of a text value?

You can variable with Code data type and then display the value.

Hi Amol.

I tried to change the data type of the Variance from Decimal to Code. Unfortuantely it gives an error message

" Type conversion is not possible because 1 of the operators contains an invalid type

code := Decimal


The Variance variable is originally a (decimal number) / (decimal number)

If you want to assign a decimal field to a code field then you must use Code := FORMAT(Decimal);