NAV Query & "Date Filter" - how to set value?

Hi All

I’m new in NAV Queries and I need your help now.

The main point - how to setup the value for the FlowFilter (field “Date Filter” in the “Customer Ledger Entry” table).

The source task - to receive a list of invoices for Date range (e. g. for last year or 1 quarter of last year) where we have no payment lines and the SUM of “remaining Amount” field inside date range <> 0 (we may receive several invoices with the same Doc No.).

The start point is clear - to setup filters:

1 DataItem Cust. Ledger Entry Source_Cust_Ledger_Entry
0 Filter Document Type <Document_Type>
0 Filter Customer No. <Customer_No>
0 Filter Posting Date <Posting_Date>
0 Filter Currency Code <Currency_Code>
0 Filter Date Filter <Date_Filter>
0 Column Document No <Document_No>
0 Column Original Amount <Original_Amount> None
0 Column Original Amt. (LCY) <Original_Amt_LCY> None

1 DataItem Cust. Ledger Entry AppliedCustLedgerEntry
0 Column Original Amount <Sum_Original_Amount> Totals Sum

1 DataItem Cust. Ledger Entry AppliedCustLedgerEntry2
0 Column Document No. <Sum_Document_No> Totals Sum

We can setup the quantity calculation of the payment lines based on SUM quantity which <> 0

But (!!) how to setup the SUM for the AppliedCustLedgerEntry if we want to calc amount (it is the “Original Amount” in my case) for the date range, but not for now?

how to transfer filters data between levels?

Any ideas?

Have a nice day.