NAV Posting issues on RTC

HI, I am facing issues while posting in NAV 2009 R2. On classic client, it is working fine whereas in RTC performance is very poor and system hangs during posting. NAV & SQL service are on separate server. Please suggest the resolution for the same whether needs to be analysis on SQL server side or application server. Ashok

Your question is too generic. No one can answer your question. You must first identify whether the problem comes from Navision or maybe just from your SQL Server. Since they are at different servers, no one knows your infrastructure and what could be the cause.

Can you start by providing some addtional information about your environment and situation?

  1. Describe your SQL Server. What are the machine’s specifications. How are the disk arrays constructed and configured.

  2. Describe your middle tier machine.

  3. Describe your workstation.

  4. How large is the database.

  5. Be more about what are you posting? How large is the posting.

  6. How does it compare to classic? Is it twice as slow? Or 10 times as slow? Can you put numbers to this?